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646f9e108c Darryl Walker is a nerdy, child-like man with a genius for inventing various gadgets out of junk. After tragedy hits his family, and when he stumbles on a method to make his clothes bulletproof, he decides to use his skills to become the lowest budgeted superhero ever. His brother Kevin disapproves of Darryl fighting crime as "Blankman", but soon finds himself fighting alongside his brother as "Other Guy", an easily overlooked partner with no special weapons or crime-fighting abilities.
Darryl is a childlike man with a genius for inventing various gadgets out of junk. When he stumbles on a method to make his clothes bulletproof, he decides to use his skills to be the lowest budgeted superhero of all.
A lot of people seem to give this movie quite a low rating, I can see why. It is not really that smart or original, but it is made to entertain, and I say it succeeds. <br/><br/>The story is about Darryl Walker (Damon Wayans) who, after his grandmother dies, is fed up with all of the crime in the city. So he gets his grandmother&#39;s house coat and makes it bulletproof outfit. Now he is the low-budget crime fighter, Blankman, but not with out his brother Kevin Walker A.K.A Other Guy (David Alan Grier). Although he goes 95% of the movie without him. <br/><br/>This is not the smartest satire or the funniest of Batman. Fortunately, it keeps you interested (well at least me anyway). It&#39;s humor does not really rely on writing, but more on slapstick (I love cleverly written humor, but slapstick works well too). <br/><br/>In conclusion, this movie is not bad at all. Although, I would only recommend this movie to the people who love the 1960&#39;s Batman. If you are not a fan of comedic superheros or anything like that, you are going to loathe this movie. If you are a fan of comedic superheroes or superheroes in general, I would definitely recommend this movie to you (unless you take your superheroes super seriously).
This was one of those funny-DUMB movies that many of us secret away as a guilty pleasure. I found a lot of warmth of character…downright heart, if you will…in this film. I&#39;m not a big fan of the Wayans&#39; work. I haven&#39;t been since the close of &quot;In Living Color,&quot; but I catch myself admiring a performance here and there, such as Keenan Ivory Wayans&#39; performance in Glimmer Man.<br/><br/>This film, superficially, appears to be pointless except to provide mindless entertainment to the masses. But beneath that, there is sufficient meat into which viewers may sink their teeth, and which will serve as inspiration to those who have been downtrodden, regardless of the degree.<br/><br/>The performances herein are adequate, and the comedy is well timed, if mindlessly juvenile enough to make you inwardly cringe. While this was billed as a spoof of the latest rash of superhero movies, Blankman delivers a geeky hero who saves the day, gets the girl, and warms your heart.<br/><br/>It rates a 6.4/10 from…<br/><br/>the Fiend :.

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